1. General and tutorial lectures on New Materials and Advanced Technologies

The lectures will cover the main conference topics, emphasizing their impact on educational, scientific, technological and business trends.

Symposium Chairs:  F. Kajzar,  K.-S. Lee and M. Bousmina

2. New Generation Nanostructured Materials, Hybrid Materials, Magnetic Materials, Glass and Ceramic, Energy harvesting, Dental Materials, Exotic Materials

Symposium Chairs: M. Zaharescu and Y. Boughaleb and D. Guyomar

3. Natural Fibres, Composites,  Environmentally Friendly Materials and Applied Research on Textiles

Symposium Chairs: R. Kozlowski, A. Pawlicka,  and H. Ennamiri

4. Polymeric Materials and Composites for Plastic Electronics and Solar and Thermoelectric Energy Conversion

Conducting polymers, field effect transistors, light emitting devices; organic light detectors, polymer lasers; organic solar cells; nonlinear optical Materials

Symposium Chairs: J. Ulanski,  R. Demadrille

5. New Nanostructured and Hybrids Materials for Energy Storage

Symposium Chairs: G. Bidan and I. Saadoune

6. Advanced Materials and Composites for Photonics, Nano- and Biophotonics

Photorefractive polymers, nonlinear optical materials; materials for image and information processing, optical storage; polymer light amplifiers; liquid crystals and liquid crystalline polymers; materials for integrated optics.

Symposium Chairs: I. Rau and M. Samoc and B. Sahraoui

7. Biomaterials and Biotechnology

Polymers and composites as implant in body for structural members and as replacements of flexible tissue in reconstructive surgery, bioimaging, nanomedicine drug delivery, bioMEMS, biofilms, tissue engineering.

Symposium Chairs: A. Meghea Alcides Leao and M.  Bakasse and Asmae Arbaoui